Spurrier’s Play Park

  • An exciting destination play park 
  • A unique, free attraction for Upton Country Park visitors!
  • Challenging equipment stimulating creative, sociable play 

Adventure play for a wide range of ages and abilities

Thanks to a successful Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)* funding application submitted by the Friends of Upton Country Park we have an exciting new adventure play park to offer our young visitors and their young-at-heart adults. In February 2020 the project was officially named ‘Spurrier’s Play Park’, as voted for by our lovely visitors, in honour of the Spurrier family that built Upton House in 1816.

Opened in October 2019, the play park provides stimulating, creative fun with a strong focus on natural, heritage and environmental themes. Catering for a wide range of ages and abilities, the bespoke equipment is designed to be challenging and educational.

Starting outside the Education Centre in the heart of the Country Park the natural timber play features meander down through the grass towards the woodlands bordering the shoreline meadows.


Is there any seating in the area?

Yes, picnic benches are provided to complement the current seating available.

Does the Play Park have disabled access?

Yes, the design offers stimulating and challenging opportunities for all children in a natural setting. It is designed to be invisibly inclusive, letting barriers disappear and giving the chance for equal play opportunities. The design and equipment recognises the Inclusive Play ‘Plan Inclusive Play Areas’ assessment and will celebrate the six senses of inclusive play. 

Are dogs allowed in the play area?

The play area is included within the ‘Dogs on Lead’ area of the estate and be monitored accordingly.

The adjacent shoreline fields location, to the south of the play area, remains a ‘Dogs off Lead’ area. 

Is the play area fenced off?

A temporary fence has been erected along the shoreline field boundary to separate the ‘Dogs off Lead’ and ‘Dogs on Lead’ areas. This will be later replaced with a permanent metal estate-style fence, RADAR gate and native hedging.

On a sunny October Sunday …

Pictures from the play area 27th October 2019

… and before the children arrived

*The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a locally set charge which can be applied to new development to help fund infrastructure projects required to accommodate growth. CIL can be used to fund a wide range of projects, including green infrastructure/open space and public realm improvements.

Total funding for this project is £230,000 made up of £192,000 CIL, plus £38,000 S106 Planning Obligations (Hamworthy West Ward & Upton Country Park).

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