Park entrance gates

Upton Memories

A community project
spring/summer 2021

Do you have a great memory of Upton Country Park?

Do you know someone who has?

Do you have family that worked or lived in Upton House or have you had the wedding of a lifetime here? Or did you just spend childhood hours watching peacocks and eating ice cream?

Working with students from Bournemouth University, Upton Memories is a project curated by you, our community, that will culminate in a Summer Exhibition.

Over the next few months we will be collecting your pictures and stories of Upton Country Park, to chart how the Park has changed within living memory and to create new visitor experiences so current and future generations can connect with each other through memories of our much-loved estate.

We aim to produce an audio archive and booklet to make sure that these wonderful experiences are recorded for the future, so share your memories with us and let us know how Upton Country Park has played a part in your story.

Get involved now

To find out more or to take part please get in touch with the wonderful Bournemouth University team at

We are also looking for people to help us collect stories.