Car Parking & Annual Season Tickets

Helping to secure the Park’s future

Upton House and Country Park is required to become a self-financing community space and visitor attraction. Monies raised through parking charges go directly to maintaining and improving the Estate.

You will be required to open a BCP Council Online account if you do not already have one

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Pay & Display charges are shown below; machines accept coins and card payments including contactless, Apple and Android Pay, as well as parking apps RingGo, JustPark & PayByPhone.

Tariff from 25 March 2024
Weekend Early Bird*£2.00
Up to 1 hour£2.50
Up to 2 hours£4.00
Up to 4 hours£6.00
Over 4 hours£8.00
*Weekend Early Bird - park until 10.45am. Applies to all tickets purchased before 9.45am.
Season Tickets can be purchased at

Parking at the Poole Road car park remains free of charge (maximum stay 2 hours).

Why did you need to increase the tariff?

Upton Country Park is required to become self-financing, and monies raised through this tariff go directly towards maintaining & improving Upton House and the Country Park for everyone to enjoy. The tariff introduced from 25 March 2024, reflects increases in the necessary materials, goods and services required to facilitate the free to access Country Park.

Where does the money go?

All monies raised from the car park goes directly towards maintaining and improving the Country Park and House for everyone to enjoy, including:

  • 160 acres of park, woodland & meadow
  • 32 acres of formal gardens
  • 12km of accessible pathway
  • 2.6km of internationally important shoreline
  • play facilities
  • community and school activities.
How else can I get to Upton Country Park?

Upton Country Park offers several alternative travel options including train, bus, bike or walk. The Country Park also hosts a Beryl bikes and scooter bay within the main car park. 

For more details please visit Find Us

Do charges apply to Blue Badge holders?

Yes, in line with all BCP Council Pay & Display car parks parking charges apply to Blue Badge holders.

Do charges apply to motorbikes?

No, motorbikes that are parked in the designated motorbike parking areas do not need to display a permit or a pay & display ticket.

How many vehicles can I register on my Season Ticket?

Season tickets are valid for up to two vehicles at the same address. Only one vehicle can use the season ticket at any one time. A season ticket does not guarantee a parking space.

What happens if I forget my Season Ticket?

You will need to buy a ticket from the Pay & Display machine as it’s the only way our team can ensure you have paid for your parking space.

What happens if I change my vehicle during the year?

You can apply to change the vehicle on an existing season ticket online at:

A £10 admin fee will be charged. Please return the old season ticket to:

Upton Country Park
BCP Council Civic Centre
Bourne Avenue
Bournemouth BH2 6DY

Can I get a partial refund if I only need my ticket for half the year, or if I move away?

No, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds once your season ticket is valid. Please rest assured your contribution is helping conserve the Estate for future generations.

Can Season Tickets be bought as gifts or transferred?

Yes, we think our season tickets would make a lovely gift. If you know someone that loves spending time at the Country Park then buy one for them today (you will need to know their vehicle registration number and sign our Terms & Conditions).

You can also transfer a season ticket by amending the registration details (a £10 admin fee will be charged).

Can I buy a Season Ticket alongside my other BCP Council parking permits?

No, the parking permit applications are different; the proceeds from our Season Ticket directly supports the Country Park conservation. So you will need to purchase them separately, but don’t worry, the application is easy for both.

What do I do if my Season Ticket is lost or stolen?

We will re-issue a stolen season ticket, free of charge, on provision of a police crime reference number. Season tickets lost in other circumstances will not be replaced.

Will my Season Ticket automatically renew each year?

Your season ticket is valid for a whole year from the date of purchase; when it expires you will need to apply for a new ticket. Your application includes the option to receive a reminder to renew.

Apply Today!

Go to BCP Council Online to purchase your annual Season Ticket, just £50

You will be required to open a BCP online account if you do not already have one

Season Tickets – Terms & Conditions

  1. The charge for a 12 month Season Ticket to park at Upton Country Park is £50. No refunds will be issued after the commencement date.
  2. Customers can register a maximum of 2 vehicles per season ticket; both vehicles must be registered at the applicant’s address. Vehicle registration numbers will be printed on the front of the season ticket.
  3. Only one vehicle to be parked per season ticket per occasion. If two registration numbers are shown on the season ticket, then it is the holder’s responsibility to ensure that the ticket is clearly shown on the vehicle that is parked in the car park.
  4. The driver or registered keeper or hirer of a vehicle is liable to pay £50 for (a) parking without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket or season ticket; (b) parking longer than the maximum permitted period; (c) parking after the expiry of paid time. If you pay promptly within 14 days, the fee is reduced by 50%. Thereafter the full amount is payable.
  5. On display of the ticket on the windscreen of the vehicle it may be parked without payment of the parking charges at Upton Country Park. A season ticket does not guarantee a parking space and any other conditions for the car park will still apply.
  6. If the car registration number(s) on the season ticket needs changing, please apply to ‘Change vehicles on an existing season ticket’ online ( A new ticket will be issued on submission of an application and payment of £10. The old ticket must be returned on receipt of the new season ticket.
  7. A season ticket that has been altered or tampered with will be deemed invalid. Photocopying a season ticket is deemed as mis-use and will result in your season ticket being revoked.
  8. If your season ticket is stolen, a replacement will be issued on production of a crime reference number from the Police confirming the theft of the season ticket or vehicle. If your vehicle is written off and the season ticket lost, a replacement will be issued on receipt of confirmation of the write-off. Season tickets lost in other circumstances will not be replaced.
  9. Season tickets will not be issued for the following classes of vehicles; heavy goods vehicles; buses; caravans; coaches or vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg) in weight.
  10. This season ticket can not be used for a vehicle that is parked and being used with any Commercial Activity (Trading). No trading is permitted at Upton Country Park.
  11. The main car park has bays specifically designed for longer vehicles such as camper vans, minibuses etc. These vehicles must always park within one of these vehicle spaces.
  12. Owners of vehicles use the Upton Country Park car park entirely at their own risk and the Council will not be responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle or other property or injury to persons howsoever arising unless they or their employees are negligent.
  13. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a car park season ticket is renewed.
  14. Privacy Notice – the information you provide will be processed by BCP Council to administer your Upton Country Park car park season ticket application and to provide renewal reminders. This information will be kept securely and in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not be disclosed or sold to third parties. This Authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers and it may share the information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for this purpose where it is legal to do so. The council will use your information to send reminders when your season ticket is due for renewal, however tickets will not be automatically renewed and it remains the customer’s responsibility to ensure renewal applications are submitted.

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