Country Park Works and Developments 2019/20

  • This winter we’re starting the final phase of the Country Park expansion plan
  • Carrying out some woodland and garden management
  • Brightening up the passageway to our lovely courtyard


Over the winter months you may see lots of activity across the Park. We’ll be improving some of the views and vistas, protecting our ancient woodlands and starting our final expansion phase. Here are the details …

At the Activity Area

By October we will have installed some new security estate fencing around the perimeter of our popular children’s Activity Area by the Education Centre; this will create a defined boundary and improve security for a wide range of seasonal activities.

Park expansion

The final phase of the current park expansion plan will take place this winter, with a view to opening at Easter 2020. The additional land encompasses the two fields towards the south of the estate, between the shoreline and Grove Wood. The design will extend our current footpath network and also provide an additional dog training area, with tree planting and picnic benches.

Whilst access is required from the car park, the main works will be contained within already enclosed fields and we aim to keep the impact on visitors to a minimum.

At the Courtyard entranceway

With the support and talent of Poole & East Dorset Art Society and Birds of Poole Harbour, the ceiling of the dark passageway outside the courtyard toilets will be transformed into a bird-filled sky to help celebrate and ID our fantastic bird life.

Woodland management

As part of our ongoing commitment to conserving our ancient woodlands this winter you may see our Operations Team hard at work thinning and haloing some of our 200 year old Oak Trees. A recent survey has estimated some of these trees support up to 900 different species of wildlife – so they play a very important bio diverse role too.

We’ll also be re-establishing our hedgerows and coppicing appropriate areas. The works will be carried out with the support of our dedicated volunteers so please don’t hesitate to ask if you want to know more.

‘Regency Pleasure Ground’ works

When Upton House was built in 1818 it was the jewel in the Estate crown and could be seen from miles around. This winter we’re beginning to introduce some recommendations from a local landscape architect (who’s worked on other historic garden projects, such as the Lost Gardens of Heligan) to restore some of the period planting structure. We’ve been classed as a ‘Good example of a Regency Villa within a Pleasure Ground’ so we’ll be reinstating the more natural grasslands that would have originally surrounded the House. This includes thinning some of the trees and shrubs along the carriageway from the Tea Rooms to Upton House. The work we do this winter will also pave the way for any future improvements should we be successful in our National Lottery Heritage Fund Bid.

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