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Read our reviews at TripAdvisor Upton Country Park is a Green Flag Award winner
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Borough of Poole
Welcome Upcoming Events Things to Do News HLF PROJECT Weddings Venue Hire

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Here at Upton Country Park we’re always very mindful of the environment and make sure we’re as energy efficient and sustainable as possible. 

Here are some examples of how we’ve been working hard to achieve this:

Reducing our carbon footprint



Reducing & Recycling

  1. packaging is minimised whenever possible – e.g. sauce & sugar is in jars rather than sachets; ice cream cones rather than package cones.
  2. biodegradable packaging is used for sandwiches, takeaway drinks, etc.
  3. all used cooking oil is collected and re-processed.

Working sustainably

In addition all our marketing materials promote cycling, walking, bus and train links which hopefully encourages our visitors to think twice before they jump in the car on a lovely sunny day.

Going for Green at Upton Country Park